get_iplayer installation guides


Install guides are provided on a 'best effort' basis only!

Installation instructions may change. I do not have access to all these systems to test installations so if you see something wrong, start a support thread in the forum.

Package maintainers are encouraged to submit instructions/changes either via the forums, GitHub or via email.

Download Windows installer

get_iplayer download link for Windows installer

get_iplayer Windows installer

get_iplayer has a handy installer that take care of all installation tasks for you. Simply click on the download arrow below and run the installer and you'll be set up in no time...

Want checksums or source code?

If you have security or curiosity on your mind then we've got you covered. You can obtain the installer checksums and download the source code for the latest release of get_iplayer from here.

Some more info?

You can check out a very quick getting started guide in the wiki here and you can get up to speed with downloading programmes very quickly by visiting the guides section.

Windows custom installation

If you are a bit of a ninja or just have particular requirement or constraints, you can customise your installation. Check out the Windows custom installation wiki section for full information.