Can get_iplayer record BBC webcast?
Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere.

Can someone tell me is/was there a way to record a webcast on the bbc?

please and thank you
Not with get_iplayer, unless it is later made available on the iPlayer site.
thank you
You could have a look at youtube-dl. I've not tried it, but they list the BBC website as supported by their app.
(01-06-2017, 02:59 PM)-jzw- Wrote: You could have a look at youtube-dl. I've not tried it, but they list the BBC website as supported by their app.

Yeah I tried that app but it didn't really work at all.
youtube-dl is working for me, but it doesn't seem to record it as a traditional live stream; in that it downloads a "full"/"complete" file, that if the set hasn't finished then you get some dead-air at the start and not the complete set at the end. However, trying again as soon as the set has finished meant that the resulting file contained the entire set. However, you'll need to cut/split out the bit you need.

If that isn't clear (which it prob isn't lol), then here's an example:

- used youtube-dl to download Dua Lipa set (after she had finished as this then contained her entire set)
- a 1hr 23min mp4 was downloaded
- then used ffmpeg to split the part I needed out

Here's the batch script I use to split/process these mp4 files (please note that it will process all mp4 files in the dir):

:: Name:     mp4-split-ffmpeg.cmd
:: Purpose:  Configures ffmpeg to losslessly split/crop an mp4 file
:: Author:   jaybeee @
:: Revision: Nov 2015 - v0.1



:: variables begin with v

:: set name of this script without file extension
SET vMe=%~n0

:: set name of the parent directory where this script resides
SET vParent=%~dp0

:: set location of ffmpeg ** CHANGE ME **
SET vffmpeg="C:\Program Files (x86)\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe"

:: Ask for the user to enter the Start & End times in hours, minutes, seconds
echo ** Enter Start Time of where to begin split in hh mm ss.mmm format when prompted **
SET /p vShh="Start Time (hh): "
SET /p vSmm="Start Time (mm): "
SET /p vSss="Start Time (ss.mmm): "

echo ** Enter End Time of where to end split in hh mm ss.mmm format when prompted **
SET /p vEhh="End Time (hh): "
SET /p vEmm="End Time (mm): "
SET /p vEss="End Time (ss.mmm): "

:: convert Start & End input time to seconds
SET /A vStart=(%vShh%*3600)+(%vSmm%*60)+(%vSss)
SET /A vEnd=(%vEhh%*3600)+(%vEmm%*60)+(%vEss)

:: call ffmpeg to split/crop (copy) out the video using -ss (start time) & -to (end time) (-t [duration time])  
:: time can be: [HH:MM:SS.mmm] eg 01:59:58.123
:: Please note: -hide_banner will suppress printing the banner info. Ensure you are running an up to date ffmpeg version
MKDIR split-mp4
FOR %%f IN ("*.mp4") DO %vffmpeg% -i "%%f" -ss %vStart% -to %vEnd% -codec copy -movflags faststart -hide_banner "split-mp4\%%~nf-split.mp4"

:: Finish
ECHO Finished mp4 split

:: pause can be used to view the extraction details

@EXIT /B 0

The script works in Windows and will require you to add the start time of where the split is to begin and end time of where split will finish.

Hope it helps.

EDIT: I suspect most of these live webcast streams will be made available on the iplayer in due course and then I would use get_iplayer to grab them as you'll have more quality options with which to choose from as well as less work to do, i.e. no splitting :-)
Thread closed. If you want to discuss youtube-dl, do it on a site supporting youtube-dl.