Search for only the latest available episode of programme in a given day?
Hi, I watch BBC World News Today every day and I have made a scheduled script to download it automatically. My command is
get_iplayer --get "World News Today" --available-since 24 --subtitles --force --overwrite --modes=tvbest
I have added an option
--available-since 24
to download the newest episode. However I found it there were two episodes yesterday. If I just want to download one episode, the most latest added one, I should I do? Would you consider adding a function to choose to download just the latest added without specifying how many hours ago added?
I don't see any compelling reason to add a new option just to deal with an edge case like this. You're merely seeing a quirk in scheduling that has World News Today broadcast twice on Fridays, on two different channels. Just run a slightly different command on Saturdays by adding --channel="BBC Four" or --channel="BBC News" to select only one of the Friday broadcasts.
Ah! I see! Thank you so much