Cannot get "worse" quality 640x360 stream for Celebrity Masterchef
I downloaded celebrity masterchef via the run pvr sheduler
Channel BBC One,BBC Two,BBC Three,BBC Four,CBBC,
fields name
modes worse
output F:\Media\Television\
subtitles 0
thumb 0
type tv
versionlist default
search0 ^Celebrity Masterchef
fileprefix <nameshort> <.episodeshort> <.senum> <.pid> <.channel>

and despite it being set to worse which according to the documentation should be 640 * 360 resolution it downloads at 512 *288 resolution which would appear to be the "worst" mode

I did try it at the command line

get_iplayer --get "celebrity masterchef" --modes=worse
and it still came up at 512 * 288

when I used it without the quotes
get_iplayer --get celebrity masterchef --modes=worse

Celebrity Antiques Road came up at 640*360

if I use modes=good
then it does come up at 704*396

do the bbc sometimes not provide a 640*360 version for some programs?
"Worse" equates to these formats: hlsstd,hlsxstd,hvflow,dvflow

If you go and check the resolutions of these modes you'll see 512 * 288 is the size for one of them.
The BBC made some changes and those 640x360 streams are no longer available. It looks like different 640x360 streams may be available, so it will be sorted in the next release.
cheers for that.
It seems some progs are still 640 and some arent.
I have a limited connection and the difference between worse and good is about 200Mb an hour.

I have another question on modes
I had
mode good

in my options file
but in the pvr schedule file I had it set to worse, but it was still downloading in good

does the option file override the pvr file when it comes to the schedule PVR?
it seems that it does[/b]

I have set the options file to worse now
(07-09-2017, 03:28 PM)InAFlap Wrote:
mode good
in my options file
That is invalid and will be ignored
(07-09-2017, 03:28 PM)InAFlap Wrote: does the option file override the pvr file when it comes to the schedule PVR?
No. Follow our instructions to provide a full report so we can see what is happening on your system.