XML::LibXML module doesn't load correctly under Git Bash
I have the latest 3.02 from the Windows installer on Windows 10.

Everything works correctly when invoked from a Windows CMD shell, but there is a message that

Quote:WARNING: Please download and run latest installer or install the XML::LibXML Perl module to use MPEG-DASH streams.

When invoked using the Git Bash shell, which I use as my primary shell.

I believe the XML::LibXML module is failing to load, as this caused a fatal error under v3.00 and v3.01.

Understand if this is an edge-case which isn't fixable.
Make sure you're running the batch file wrapper get_iplayer.cmd and not invoking the get_player.pl script directly. Otherwise, the environment won't be set up correctly and XML::LibXML won't be found.
Thanks - I didn't realise sourcing a .cmd file would work from Git bash. I was over-complicating things. Thanks again.

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