Index Numbers Overlapping in TV and Radio Caches when using --refresh-future
I'm running get_iplayer 3.02-windows.0 from a Windows 7 command prompt.

After updating the tv and radio caches using the command:

get_iplayer Output:

get_iplayer --type tv,radio --refresh-future --refresh-include-groups national,regional,local --refresh-limit 30 --refresh

my .get_iplayer\tv.cache file contains 10,356 entries with the index field running from 1 to 10356 and my .get_iplayer\radio.cache file contains 22,098 entries with the index field running from 10001 to 32098.

TV programmes with indices greater than 10000 are inaccessible to get_iplayer through the index field. For example, when I run the command:

get_iplayer --type tv 10135
(tv index 10135 is for pid b05vrlyb in my current cache)

I get the radio programme with index 10135 (pid b092gc0s in my current cache):

get_iplayer Output:

C:\>get_iplayer --type tv 10135
10135:  radio, 5 live Drive - 31/08/2017, BBC Radio 5 live, b092gc0s

Using the pid, I can show that get_iplayer does recognise the tv index of 10135:

get_iplayer Output:

C:\>get_iplayer --type tv --fields pid b05vrlyb
10135:  World's End - World's End, CBBC, b05vrlyb
INFO: 1 matching programmes

Is this a known bug?
It is now. I think --refresh-future puts it over the limit. For now, use --pid or --url for ad hoc downloads, and perhaps stop using --refresh-future temporarily. This won't affect PVR functions. I'll fix this in the next release. Thanks for the report.
Thanks, Dinky.

I don't think this should be considered urgent since get_iplayer works fine with pids.

I like full caches as it enables me to browse for programmes with my laptop, when I'm out and about or otherwise not connected to the internet. So I'll keep my preferences with the --refresh-future option set.